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Week 1: Introduction

  • Introducing the course
  • Examples of the kind of work we're going to examine and make in class
  • Mapping the course
  • Going over the Syllabus

Week 2: Introducing Processing

  • Reading discussion (Hackers and Painters, Bias in Computer Systems, Media Machines)
  • Presenting some existing works in Processing
  • Introduction to Processing (basic language features and interactivity)
  • Project 1 assigned (due Week 4).

Week 3: Chance operations

  • Reading discussion
  • Progress reports on Project 1
  • Works that use chance operations
  • Processing tutorial continuation: Classes and objects, arrays

Week 4: Project 1 Presentations

  • Project presentations
  • Reading discussion

Week 5: Generative algorithms I

  • Reviewing Project 1
  • Wrapping up the Processing tutorial: Translation and rotation, images (use to create self-similar shapes and cellular automata)
  • Project 2 assigned (due Week 7)

Week 6: Working with Text in Python

  • Project 2 progress report and Processing workshop
  • Presenting text-oriented works
  • Python tutorial; writing and reading form UNIX stdin/stdout

Week 7: Project 2 Presentations

  • Project presentations

Week 8: Munging and Analyzing Text

  • Reviewing Project 2
  • Reading discussion and rationale
  • Sample work
  • Getting data from Python into Processing

Week 9: Munging cont'd

  • Reading discussion
  • Python: using regular expressions; basic text analysis (concordance, word count);
  • Python: using urllib2 and Beautiful Soup to parse data from the web
  • Project 3 assigned (due week 11)

Week 10: Introducing csound

  • Reading discussion
  • Audio-oriented work
  • Basic csound tutorial (installing the software, instruments vs. scores, basic patches)
  • Generating csound scores with Python

Week 11: Project presentations

Week 12: Data sonification

  • Presenting preliminary ideas for the Final Project
  • Reading discussion
  • Sample work
  • Synthesis in csound

Week 13: Generative algorithms II

  • Reading discussion
  • Sample work
  • L-Systems (Python to csound and Processing)
  • Final projects: report on progress

Weeks 14 & 15: Presentations

No class on December 5th; we'll be holding class (in the regular location, at the regular time) on December 12th and December 19th. Final Project presentations will take place on those days.